How I'm doing.

This has been a good week. I feel refreshed and creative and excited.

I had a really fun time in Disney World at the end of January, and I came back to Nashville ready to get my life organized.

This week, I started using an app called Sloth to organize and schedule out my days, and it really kicked my week into another gear. You create a to-do list each day, and assign an amount of time you want to spend on each task. I've found that I've gotten everything done each day that I need to get done, with plenty of time to spare. I allocate time for things I need to get done, but also for things I want to do... like organizing, reading, cleaning, etc.

Overall, it's just a perfect system for me, because if I have the assurance that I have already mapped out everything I need to get done, I don't have to feel overwhelmed at any point during the day and can be fully attentive to the task that I am currently working on.

I also found myself spending less time on the internet this week, which feels really good, too.