Working on shot composition with my puppy

I tried to get a "candid" photo of Kelli and Mia playing tonight, but I'm still learning my new camera (a Lumix GX8) and wasn't quite able to have all my settings ready to go for the best moments. Oh well, I got some practice.

I still ended up with a shot that I'm proud of! Mia was very patient while I lay on the ground trying to figure out the best shot composition.

I also took a more traditional "posed" picture of the two of them, but I'm glad I decided to get on the ground and try to get something more interesting. Even still, this photo is cute! 

I definitely still gravitate more towards these posed photos, but I'm getting better at being able to free myself up once I know I have something that will work (just in case my more interesting ideas don't pan out). Just gotta keep practicing.