The Switch

Kelli and I started playing Snipperclips tonight. Such a fun time! It was nice to turn my brain off for a little bit.

Slowly but surely

I've been eating right and exercising for over a month now, and slowly but surely I am starting to see results. The tough thing about it is that it's true what they say– it takes about four weeks for you to start seeing results. Once you get over that hump, though, it's much easier to stick with it. You've already established your habits, and also there's the whole "I can't fall off the bandwagon now– I've already invested a month into this" thing.

I didn't weight myself at the start, but i know I've lost at least five pounds this month. That feels really good. I'd like to lose fifteen more, but I'll be happy with ten. Just gotta keep on keepin' on.

Digging a hole

Obviously I didn't take this picture, haha (Thanks KellI!), but I wanted some documentation of this huge hole that I'm in the middle of digging as I try to uproot this ugly pole that came with the house.

The Witness

I've never looked at this lock the same way as I did before I played The Witness, ha.

PS: Happy birthday to my sweet sister Amy! Sorry that I forgot to bring my camera to your party tonight so I could get a picture of you :(

A work in progress

Quiet day around here. I've been writing/editing, and Kelli hasn't felt super great, so she's just been doing embroidery. She's almost done with this pineapple.

My fried potato alternative

My favorite food in the entire world is the potato. Fried potato, specifically. I know that when I'm trying to lose weight, that's the first thing I have to cut out, if I have any chance of success.

As an alternative, I fry up plantains in coconut oil! They're a great snack. Nowhere near as wonderful as my beloved fried potatoes but probably the closest I can get.


This week, Kelli and I are started this thing called the "21 Day Fix". It's good for clean eating (Kelli) and weight loss (me). You measure out your food intake for the day with these colored containers. It's been interesting so far. I haven't lost any weight in the last three weeks, but I can tell I've slimmed down, anyway. So maybe this 21 Day Fix thing will help me lose weight a little quicker. I think I've gained muscle because I've been doing Insanity, and so it's been evening out.


Planning meals, planning a bachelor party, planning a meet-up. Planning, planning, planning.


Got lots done today. It's been a very productive month so far.


What's up with me

The other day, Mia got loose and I had to chase her around the neighborhood. Somewhere along the way, I sprained my ankle, I guess. It wasn't too bad, whatever it was, but a week later, it still kind of hurts. So I decided I need to stop trying to exercise on it and give it a few days rest. Kind of a bummer because I'm really starting to enjoy (also rely) on the vigorous exercise each day. It keeps my energy up throughout the day and helps my attitude/mood immensely. I guess I'll just have to do some non-jumping-type exercises for a few days.

In other news, I've started reading relevant books in preparation for the kind of topics Kevin and I are going to be covering on our podcast Who Would Build the Roads?. I have a hard time sitting still, so reading books has always been a struggle for me. I'd really like to improve in that area, so I'm devoting a lot of energy and time to it now. Maybe a sprained ankle isn't the worst thing then, haha.

Somewhere in the middle

Spent a lot of today trying to write. I made progress but there's no way around the fact that writing is just a really big time suck. Some days, it feels worth the time you spend. On other days, you just can't seem to get anything out of your head, and you accomplish very little. And still other times, like today, it's somewhere in the middle. So, that was today.