My teleprompter

I'm trying to sell the teleprompter we have used for Messy Mondays for the last three and a half years.

This thing changed so much about the way we shoot videos. I think it made them a whole lot funnier, because suddenly we could focus more on improvising and less on trying to memorize lines.

It's a little bittersweet to get rid of it, but we've upgraded, and I really love the new replacement.


Forgot to take a picture for Monday so here's another one from Jordan and Sara's wedding shower on Sunday.

The trees in my backyard at dusk

I got Mia a 30 foot training leash, but I've just been using it to let her run around the backyard, since we don't have a fence. I just absolutely love our backyard and all of the tall trees. Look at how beautiful the view is at dusk. Seriously.

Making some shirts

My good friends Bruno and Caitie run a shirt printing business, and I got to help them print a big shirt order! We printed like 300 shirts in two hours. Such a fun time.

It takes six weeks

I had to take a few pictures of myself for a project that a friend and I are working on. Looking at the shots, it's the first time since I started trying to lose weight that I've seen a picture of myself where I can really tell that I'm slimming down. They say it takes six weeks before you can really see results. Well, it's been six weeks! Feeling good. Gotta keep going.


Did invoices, put together a first cut of next week's video, and recorded almost 3 hours worth of podcasts with Kevin. Today has been productive!


I can't believe it's already April.

The last month (at least) has felt like a whirlwind. We are currently five weeks ahead on Messy Mondays videos, in preparation for Jordan and Sara's wedding.

The last five weeks have been lots and lots of writing, shooting, and editing. And it's not over yet! Normally "getting ahead" means making videos that just "get us by", but I'm really excited about and proud of the stuff we've been shooting over the last few weeks.

It's definitely weird being this ahead, though. Tonight we were shooting a video that we will release next week, and as soon as we finished, I had to finalize tomorrow's video, which we shot almost a month ago. It's hard keeping that many different trains of thought straight in my head.

Long Drive

We had a booth at a convention this weekend and sold some merch. It was fun to meet lots of nice people!


It's weird, the small objects that can end up having a lot of significance to you. This stapler has stapled many years worth of scripts for me. It stays either on my desk or very near by at all times– my constant companion. Mr. Stapler.

Mia's happy place

Mia is never happier than when we are all at my parents' house. She gets to see all of her dog and human friends in one place. She walks around with the biggest smile on her face. Such a sweetheart!

One last bonfire

Some good friends just sold their house, so we had one last bonfire in the backyard to say goodbye to the place.

Mid-yawn Monday

Today was pretty good. Did some editing. Did merch inventory. Podcasted with Kevin. Breath of the Wild-ed with Kelli. Took this picture of Kelli mid-yawn.

24 pictures

I forgot to take a picture, but I mean... technically I took 24 pictures per second for about forty total minutes of footage. Ya know?

The Switch

Kelli and I started playing Snipperclips tonight. Such a fun time! It was nice to turn my brain off for a little bit.